Friday Links


Well, it’s October, so we would remind everyone to listen to U2’s October to celebrate. Not too long ago, a gaggle of our attorneys trekked from Greenville, South Carolina to Atlanta, Georgia to see U2 perform live in concert at the Georgia Dome. How’s that for firm culture?

Our own Nick Farr had an opinion piece run in the Greenville News today. Here is the first paragraph:

It often appears as if we live in a divided world. Whether it be television, radio or social media, stories of conflict and division are at the forefront. Every report seemingly draws a line in the sand, asking us to choose a side while the creation of the “us” versus “them” mentality breeds the conflict necessary for the next big news store. And, so the cycle continues.

For the rest of the article, please see here.

You know, we’ve heard about the McDonald’s hot coffee exhibit at Ralph Nader’s new museum. We are investigating.

Our favorite legal tweet of late:

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