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Above, you’ll find the cover of Star Trek #11, published not so long ago in 1990. As you can see, the story continues the story entitled “The Trial of James T. Kirk” which, we assume, was an eventful proceeding. To be honest, we’re not entirely certain what is occurring on the cover (which depicts what appears to be a futuristic courtroom). We’re particularly confused about the gentleman espousing curious dialogue and wearing what appears to be a 20th century suit. Oh, well. We assume there’s some explanation for all of that, and perhaps some day, we’ll track down this issue and learn for ourselves. But not today, dear readers. Not today.

A former member of Steely Dan has sued, well, Steely Dan, seeking past due royalties.

If you’re into property law, The New York Post had a fascinating piece this week on the tale of a hotel recluse who masterfully negotiated a $17 million buy out to finalize a huge Central Park development.

Philip Bump of The Wire has a fascinating piece on who, legally, owns the rights to the “selfie” photograph taken at The Oscars and heavily promoted by the show’s host, Ellen DeGeneres. You probably saw something about that now famous photograph week (likely because it was impossible to escape in the immediate aftermath of the Oscar broadcast). Bump’s piece is a nice read for law nerds; check it out here.

Whoa! Batman was in Charlotte this week! In fact, the picture depicts the Caped Crusader in a neighborhood very, very near our Charlotte office. Alas, we did not run into Batman that day.

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