Friday Links

Behold, dear readers, the cover of Web of Spider-Man #126, published back in those wonderful days of 1995. The issue is dedicated to “The Trial of Peter Parker,” and of course, we know that Mr. Parker is Spider-Man’s alter ego. So what did he do? We were kinda curious, so we Googled the usual places, and we turned up nothing. However, additional diligence directed us to the SpiderFan website (not a law blog!), which offers this summary of the plot:

Peter was imprisoned awaiting trial for full multiple murders in Utah on the basis of fingerprint evidence. He didn’t do it and his clone Ben Reilly has swapped places with him so Peter can be with his pregnant wife, Mary-Jane. MJ has been told that there could be a problem with the baby she’s carrying due to Peter’s infected blood. Judas Traveller has been revealed as some sort of mysterious, well traveller, who is hundreds of years old and is searching for the true meaning of evil and good. Peter saved his life after he had played with the time continuum. A new Green Goblin has appeared – and seems to be a good guy – and the mysterious character of Kaine is still over-looking the events in Peter’s life. Also, the Jackal has yet another Peter clone.

So there we have it.

How could we ignore an article called “21 Weird Music Lawsuits“?

Whoa! Insane Clown Posse has sued the Justice Department and the F.B.I.! Can you imagine this lawsuit? Here’s more from Kevin Underhill at the very funny and award winning Lowering The Bar law blog.

Um, we think that there may be an occupation missing from this list of most stressful professions. How can lawyers not be included on that list? (Hat Tip: Kim Lawson).

Apparently, we didn’t realize that last month was PACER’s 25th birthday. Let’s all celebrate (if we can remember our PACER passwords).

The South Carolina Supreme Court has expanded its business court program statewide.

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