Friday Links

“I Met My Murderer!” proclaims the cover of Lawbreakers Always Lose! #10, published way, way back in 1949. For one, we kind of dig this comic book cover because the title of the series is a complete sentence. (Quick trivia question: How many films can you name where the title is a complete sentence, and of those, what is your favorite? Ours, clearly, is The Empire Strikes Back, but only the one released originally in 1980, not the souped-up, re-digitized detritus George Lucas would re-release later over the years.).  Second, the guy on the cover has a cool hat.  That’s probably a small consolation for meeting his murderer – although he may be the murderer.  We’re not sure.

From the Ultimate Classic Rock website: “15 Infamous Rock Lawsuits.” Yes, the Judas Priest litigation is included.

The New York Times offers this interesting piece on the use of Urban Dictionary by lawyers and even the courts.  We have to admit that we have consulted this resource a time or two, but we’d be way to shy to cite it as persuasive authority in briefing.

Our friend Ryan Steans of The Signal Watch muses on the past and present of The X-Men comic books.

Rest in peace, Ray Mazarek, fabled keyboardist of The Doors.  We were please to see this tweet from the actor Kyle MacLachlan, who played Mazarek in the 1991 film, The Doors, directed by Oliver Stone. Let’s all listen to “Riders on the Storm” this weekend, shall we?

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