Friday Links

Behold, the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #403, published not so long ago in the summer of 1995.  However, as you may know, the 1990’s was not the best time for comics, as the odd nature of the cover art suggests.  Here’s our question:  If it is the trial of Peter Parker that is depicted, why is the defendant clad in his Spider-Man costume? Why would the court system – even the faux court apparently convened by the super villains shown on the cover – permit him to remain hidden beneath his mask? And by the way, why isn’t Venom being more understanding?  Wasn’t he on trial recently himself? What gives?

This tweet might contain the best advice a criminal defendant ever receives.  (Hat Tip:  Kevin Underhill at Lowering The Bar).

We’ve written about driverless cars more than a few times.  Quite frankly, we’re kind of obsessed with the topic. So, check out this recent article in Slate, entitled “Even If Driverless Cars Are Banned In America, They’ll Be Allowed Somewhere.”

How long has it been since you’ve read the official Abnormal Use mission statement, published way, way back on January 4, 2010? Well, that’s too long!

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  1. “And by the way, why isn’t Venom being more understanding?”

    Because that isn’t Venom. Venom is black, the red symbiote is Carnage: