Happy Valentine’s Day From Abnormal Use!

Oh, no. It’s Valentine’s Day.  We here at Abnormal Use abhor this day.  As lawyers, we have few, if any, emotions.  As bloggers, we have few, if any, social skills. That humanity deficit makes Valentine’s Day – a fabricated holiday built upon the expression of nascent emotions – very difficult for us. So, in an effort to cope, we’ll do what we do best: talk about comic books.

Above, you’ll find the cover of Young Romance: The New 52 Valentine’s Day Special #1, published by DC Comics not so long ago in 2012.  Ah, The New 52.  If you’ve not been following trends in comic books in recent years, let us update you: The New 52 was an attempt by DC Comics in 2011 to completely revamp their comic book universe.  The longtime publishing company canceled and rebooted nearly every title.  In September of 2011, the company debuted 52 new series, many featuring familiar characters (like Superman and Batman), others not so much.  It was an effort to start their comic book universe anew, allowing new readers to join the narratives as they began, rather than in media res.  (After all, it’s easier to feel current on the story when one starts at issue #1, as opposed to issue #612.).

Reaction to The New 52 idea has been mixed at best.

But that’s not stopping us from hijacking their Valentine’s Day issue for our nefarious purposes.  Apparently, in this very issue, Wonder Woman confers with Eros about her crush on Superman.  Best part: “Also Inside – Super Valentine’s Day Cards!”

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