Friday Links

It’s our first edition of “Friday Links” after this year’s fateful Election Day, so we figured, what better comic book cover to feature than Superman #706, published just last year in 2011? Are you sick of maps yet? Well, it’s neat, isn’t it, even if Superman’s expression appears to be a bit creepy under the circumstances? (It’s not a disturbing as those bizarre 3D graphics that CNN always uses, though.). Oh, well.

If you’re a South Carolina taxpayer, or if you have been in the past, make sure you visit this page regarding options available following the cyberattack on the South Carolina Department of Revenue.

No, we haven’t yet offered our opinions on George Lucas’ sale of the Star Wars franchise.  But we will.  Trust  us, we’re just biding our time. In the meantime, you should revisit our 2011 Star Wars April Fool’s Day joke. Those were the days, weren’t they?

We lament the passing of famed University of Texas football coach Darrell K. Royal.  Our friend Ryan Steans put it best: “It’s kind of hard to imagine living a better life than that guy.” Rest in peace, Coach.

This past May, our own Nick Farr reviewed the pilot episode of USA’s “Common Law,” a television series about two bickering police officers who are ordered to couples therapy.  Really, we’re not sure why it was called “Common Law,” as it was about cops, not judges. Whatever the case, the show has now been canceled.

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