On skinny jeans and the law, say it isn’t so!

We here at Abnormal Use are a lot of things.  We are not, however, fashion gurus.  Sure, we can appreciate the look of a tailored suit, but you won’t catch us perusing Vogue for the latest fashion trends.  We are lawyers, after all, not Project Runway contestants.  Until fashion crosses paths with the law, we’ll eschew that trade and give it no screen time on this award winning blog.

Alas.  William Peacock of The Chicago Personal Injury Blog has done the unthinkable – discuss the legal ramifications of “skinny jeans.”  Apparently, skinny jeans pose dangers of leg numbness, nerve damage, and . . . twisted testicles.  Ouch!  According to British medical experts:

Twisted testicles occur when tight trousers prevent the spermatic cord from moving freely, meaning it twists and leads to testicular torsion which cuts off the blood supply requiring immediate surgery to prevent a gangrenous testicle.

Again, ouch! Products causing gangrenous testicles? There must be some potential for product liability litigation!?!

While there may be some potential for litigation, we doubt skinny jeans will ever turn into the next mega-class action suit.  As Peacock correctly points out, wearing skinny jeans presents serious issues of comparative fault:

In other words, the idiot in skinny jeans is held somewhat responsible for his own testicular torsion. And if a jury thinks that the wearer is more than 50 percent at fault, the manufacturer is completely off the hook.

Even without the knowledge of scientific research, it is doubtful the reasonable man would expect to confine his nethermost region in such a way without fear of some repercussions.

No one ever said looking beautiful is easy.  For guys, if for some reason that means wearing skinny jeans, then the price just may be gangrenous testicles.

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