Abnormal Use Joins The Facebook

Guess what? We here at Abnormal Use have set up a Facebook page for our blog content, which you can find here. Sure, we waited until well after that movie about Facebook was released, but we wouldn’t say we’re tardy in joining everyone’s favorite social network. If anything, we’re fashionably late.

As you might expect, we’ll be posting links to our blog content there, so now, you don’t even have to leave your favorite (or most familiar) social networking platform to learn what we’re up to here at our site.  That just shows you how considerate we are. We’re hopeful that this move will promote additional interaction with you, our dear readers, and allow us to reach you where you already may be.  We’re very accommodating, aren’t we?

So, now, if you like us, if you really, really like us, then you can login to our new Facebook page and hit the like button!

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