Friday Links

Did you know that in one of the character’s earliest incarnations, Captain America was a district attorney by day? That’s right. In the 1944 Republic film serial Captain America (a promotional poster for which appears above), actor Dick Purcell played Cap, whose secret identity was prosecutor Grant Gardner. (This is a bit different than the modern version of Captain America, whose alter ego is non-lawyer Steve Rogers.).  Cap and Gardner primarily battled the nefarious villain known as The Scarab. The serial, which was apparently popular, was the first and only time Purcell would play the character, as Wikipedia tells us that he died before its official release. This information is relevant, of course, is relevant as this July will see the release of a new Captain America film with actor Chris Evans as Cap.

Headline of the week: “Studying for the Bar Exam? Despair May Stalk You.” Thanks for that, Lawyerist.

We here at Abnormal Use sometimes kind of dig the archaic complexities of the Blue Book book, but we are certainly agree with David S. Cohen of The Faculty Lounge, and his post “Complete Nonsense: The Blue Book’s Requirement for The Year of a Statute.” That particular rule we’ve never really understood (or followed much, for that matter).

After our own Nick Farr’s piece earlier this week on the new Dunkin’ Donuts sweet coffee lawsuit, how could we not link this story from Findlaw’s Legal Grounds blog about a group of Massachusetts robbers who inadvertently stole a bag of donuts instead of a bag of cash? Please submit your own donut or coffee related robbery puns for our review.

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