Friday Links

Ah, trials. We dig them, but we can’t say that we’ve ever objected to an opponent’s question on the grounds that the attorney is attempting to confuse a client, particularly when the question at issue is as stratightforward as “Have you ever heard the word ‘school-house’?” In our mind that question does not prompt confusion or puzzlement, but such is the objection made by the attorney on the cover of the above referenced issue of Crime Detective Comics. Isn’t it just a yes or no question? Oh, well.

Our home office is in South Carolina, and we just opened an office in Charlotte, North Carolina, so we are always mindful when North Carolina makes legal news. So, when we saw the headline “North Carolina’s Rare Burger Ban Makes Red Meat Illegal” over at Overlawyered, we couldn’t help but investigate.

Friend of the blog Evan Schaeffer over at Beyond the Underground analyzes the issue of email spam directed at lawyers. We are sympathetic to his plight, as we are often deluged with unsolicited commercial email.

Today is the second anniversary of the birth of Brian Comer’s South Carolina Products Liability Law Blog, which ran its first four posts on May 20, 2009. Check out Brian’s first “Welcome!” post here. Happy birthday!

We’re big fans of the Findlaw Legal Grounds law blog, and so, we simply couldn’t resist pointing this story abot a Michigan man, clad as Batman of all things, who was apprehended by authorities while hanging from a roof. Criminal proceedings have been instituted against him, but will there be litigation?

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