Friday Links

  • Sometimes, Superman can’t catch a break. Above, in the cover to Superman Supacomic #162, he is found guilty of “crimes against humanity” by the Guardians of the Universe. We think there may be a few appellate issues here, though. First, why are a group of aliens judging Superman’s treatment of humans? For that matter, Superman is an alien himself, but the Guardians of the Universe, whether judges, members of a jury, or both, don’t appear to be his peers. But the most peculiar component of this judicial procedure is that one of the judges feels comfortable completing the sentence of the other. Yikes.
  • An aside: This past week, one of the contributors of Abnormal Use got in some hot water for mentioning in front of a friend’s toddlers that Superman was, in fact, an “illegal alien.” This revelation, though certainly true, is apparently not for young ears. Don’t try and guess which one of us did committed that social faux pas. Please.
  • Alan H. Crede over at the Boston Personal Injury Lawyer Blog speculates that “Someday A Legal Blog Will Win A Pulitzer.” Yeah, maybe, but we here at Abnormal Use are seeking something a bit more respectable than that: an EGOT.
  • Friend of the blog Jeff Richardson, author of the great iPhone J.D. blog, summarizes this week’s iPhone and iPad related news here, including his thoughts on the recent revelation that one’s iPhone may be tracking more personal location information than previously thought. He does not seemed too alarmed about the news, nor do we.
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