Happy Valentine’s Day

We’re of two minds on this particular occasion, the greeting card holiday known as Valentine’s Day. On the one hand, we feel that we should recognize all of the people out there who will find time today to recognize their love for one another. After all, there’s something to that, we suppose. So, for them, we feature the comic book cover above, that of Marvel Valentine Special #1, published back in the halcyon days of 1997. However, we recognize that the super majority of our readership here is comprised of lawyers, all of whom are extraordinarily cynical by nature. Surely, they are unappreciative of holidays premised upon sincere and genuine human emotions. So, for them, we include the cover below, that of Forbidden Worlds #24, published back in 1953. That one may be a bit more their speed, particularly the litigators. Oh, well.

All kidding aside, we wish our readers a happy Valentine’s Day today.


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