South Carolina Snowpocalypse

Today, the snowpocalypose has come to South Carolina. Most news outlets are reporting that the Governor has closed all state offices in all counties today. At least some federal courts in South Carolina will be closed or opening in a delayed fashion. As of this morning, I-85, the interstate that passes through our fair city of Greenville, is still being cleared. If you’re in the Southeastern United States, we’d encourage you to investigate such closings before venturing out into the snow and ice. It might be best simply to hide from the cold with a cup of coffee.

Likewise, we here at Abnormal Use will not be going into the office today. Our friends at the Drug and Device Law blog in Philadelphia might scoff at this South Carolina snowpocalypse as merely a couple of flakes, but we’re not used to this type of weather down here. Neither is anyone else in the state. Thankfully, we spent much of yesterday preparing for the inclement weather.

We trust and hope things will be back to normal tomorrow.

(By the way, depicted above is the cover of Strange Adventures #79, published by DC Comics way, way back in 1957. We’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it.).

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