Election Day

After our series of posts seeking nominations for the ABA Journal‘s Top 100 Legal Blogs list, we here at Abnormal Use pause to reflect upon the stress that political candidates must endure. Today, of course, is Election Day, and we would encourage our readers of all political persuasions to venture out to the polls and cast their votes for the candidates of their choice.

Oh, and we don’t know when the ABA Journal will announce its Top 100 Legal Blogs list or whether a blog that is less than a year old, such as ours, might be included thereupon. We can just hope that they’ll decide to let us dine with the cool kids of the legal blogosphere.

(And yes, we even found a comic book cover to observe this most political of days. That’s What If? #26, published way back in April of 1981, in which the writers speculated what would have happened if Captain America had run for and been elected President of the United States.).

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